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Architecture prizes

DAM Architectural Book Award

DAM Architectural Book Award 2023

In 2023, the Frankfurter Buchmesse and Deutsche Architekturmuseum (DAM) are once again inviting all art and architecture book publishers worldwide to participate. The submissions are evaluated by a rotating expert jury made up of representatives of Deutsche Architekturmuseum and external experts according to criteria such as design, conception, material and processing quality, degree of innovation and topicality. All art and architecture book publishers from Germany and abroad can take part.

Even in this era of growing competition through new media and communication methods, books on architecture still remain the basic architectural medium. Identifying the best architectural books published in the current year by way of this competition and presenting them to architecture enthusiasts is thus a fundamental task of the DAM Architectural Book Award. As an honorary award, it does not involve any award money. The prize winners are being presented at the Frankfurter Buchmesse.

Ever since the DAM Architectural Book Award was presented for the first time in 2009, it has experienced a steadily growing global response. This year’s Architecture Book Prize is also deliberately aimed at an international field of participants:

The DAM would like to thank the Society of Friends of the DAM for its generous support of the award.

You can find further information and the registration form here.


You can register your books digitally. Please register here. As soon as your logged in, you will find the digital registration form.

Please fill in the requested information and send it off after having accepted the „Condition of the competition“ and our privacy policy. After having registered your book, only remains sending us one physical copy of each book submitted. Please note that it needs to reach us before August 31st 2023.

If you want to submit more than one book, please fill in the registration form for every book seperately.

After we have received one copy of your book, the registration is completed. You can varify the status of processing by logging in, but you will also be informed by Mail, as soon as the registration has been completed. Sending in printed copies of the registration form is not necessary anymore.

Terms of Participation

You can find the conditions of participation here.

Publication of the award winners / legal stipulations

In case of being awarded, about six (to ten) additional copies of the award-winning books must be made available free of charge to DAM for the presentations at international German collective stands of the Frankfurter Buchmesse.

For the presentation of the awarded architecture book the cover and significant (double) pages from the publication (book contents) must be made available to Deutsches Architekturmuseum as a file in PDF or JPG format.

The participants declare themselves to be in agreement with the presentation of the submitted architecture books at the Frankfurter Buchmesse.

In case being awarded the sender shall declare themselves to be in agreement with:

  • the award-winning book being presented at the DAM stand at the Frankfurt Book Fair and at additional book fairs worldwide through the Frankfurter Buchmesse
  • the award winners being presented in DAM
  • the cover and book contents, as well as illustrations from the book being published on the DAM website.

Furthermore the sender shall declare that he is the owner of all the relevant requisite rights. In the event of claims for fees being made by third parties the sender shall exempt Deutsches Architekturmuseum from the cost of any legal action and / or the cost of subsequent demands for fees made by third parties.

Deutsches Architekturmuseum in collaboration with Frankfurter Buchmesse is the organizer of the DAM Architecural Book Award.

With kind support of the Gesellschaft der Freunde des DAM e.V. (Friends of DAM)


Entries to be submitted within
March 1st to August 31st 2023

Unfortunately, publications submitted late cannot be considered.

Please send submissions to:
DAM Deutsches Architekturmuseum
DAM Architectural Book Award 2023
Rebekka Kremershof
Berliner Straße 25
D-60311 Frankfurt am Main

September 12th 2023

Publication of the Jurys desicion to participants
October 2nd 2023

Public award-giving ceremony
October 18th 2023

For questions, please contact
Rebekka Kremershof
Tel.:+49 160 95227431
E-Mail: DAM.bookaward@stadt-frankfurt.de