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Böhm 100: The Concrete Cathedral of Neviges

18. January27. September

Gottfried Böhms 100th birthday is on January 23, 2020. We intend to celebrate it: with an exhibition devoted to the pilgrimage church in Neviges, one of his most important designs. Commissioned by Franciscan monks and the second largest church in the Archdiocese of Cologne, a concrete cathedral was built between 1963 and 1968. The folded roof is currently being refurbished with an innovative textile-reinforced concrete layer.
In 2005 and 2006, there were major exhibitions at the DAM of the work of Gottfried Böhm and his father Dominikus Böhm. This exhibition presents archive materials from when the pilgrimage church was built and associates them with a view of the future. An extensive series of lectures brings together Böhm’s three architect sons, provides an insight into the technique of concrete restoration, and also enables the film “Die Böhms – Architektur einer Familie” to be shown in Frankfurt again.
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The exhibition is supported by Ed. Züblin AG.

DAM Preis 2020

1. February20. September

Since 2007, the DAM Prize for Architecture has been awarded annually to outstanding buildings in Germany. In 2020, the prize will be awarded by the German Architecture Museum (DAM) for the fourth time – in close cooperation with JUNG as a cooperation partner – in a staggered jury procedure.

DIE NEUE HEIMAT (1950-1982)

14. March11. October

Neue Heimat’ was the largest and most prominent non-state housing corporation in post-war Europe. For more than 30 years, the union-led building corporation was responsible for the planning and construction of more than 400,000 apartments. Neue Heimat’s projects not only emerged from a unique interplay between economic interests and politics, they were also an expression and reflection of West German social history. The scandalous collapse of the corporation in the early 1980s sent shockwaves through West Germany and marked the end of an era. Through noteworthy case studies, as well as numerous historical photographs, film excerpts, plans, and original models, the exhibition now examines and documents the buildings and projects of Neue Heimat for the first time.
The exhibition is a cooperation with the Architekturmuseum of the TUM and the Hamburgisches Architekturarchiv.

The exhibition is a cooperation with the Architekturmuseum of the TUM and the Hamburgisches Architekturarchiv.

Campus Deutsche Bundesbank

16. July18. October

The Deutsche Bundesbank is in the process of modernising its Central Office in Frankfurt am Main, completely refurbishing the striking main building, which dates from 1972. Additional office buildings are being constructed on site to make room for all members of staff belonging to the Central Office in Frankfurt. In 2018, the Bundesbank commissioned the development of a design concept for the future campus through a Europewide tender process. The Bundesbank’s Executive Board chose the concept submitted by the Frankfurt-based architecture firm Ferdinand Heide for its skilful mixture of modernity, functionality, clarity and sustainability.

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